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Struggling with your finances is keeping you from living the life you deserve. It's time to take back control of you credit, budget, & knowledge of personal finance today! 
Understanding Your Score


What exactly is a credit score? 

FICO Credit Scores are generated by a mathematical formula to give lenders a clear understanding of how credit worthy you are when requesting funding, how to calculate your interest rate on loans if you are able to get approved, and it also gives lenders a snapshot on your money management skills. Although we know you are more than your score lenders can only go off what they see so let's get you a score that gets you through the approval door! 

Video Call

The Process

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Client Consultation 




Graduate From Program

Strategy Follow-Up

Sit back while we go to work

what can you expect?

  • Strong Support & Open Communication

  • A personalized strategy plan just for you.

  • Results within 30-45 days.

  • Access to client portal (Credit Clients)

  • Continued Education even after you graduate from your chosen program.

Clapping Audience


"As a freshmen in college straight out of high school credit was not one of my top priorities on my mind. Then I was looking to buy my first set of furniture and realized that I needed credit. Opulent Lifestyles Consulting helped me with knowledge of credit and how to build a positive credit report."

M. Alexander 


"I didn’t have the first idea what soft or hard inquiries meant let alone what my credit score was when I decided I wanted to search for a new car. School never really teaches on real life finances or credit and parents weren’t taught either so they could only help so much. Finding Opulent Lifestyles Consulting and introducing my brother, it truly helped us under credit."

P. Porter 
Credit Foundations

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